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Who We Are

Who We Are

Lalith Puhambugoda

We offer our customers the great opportunity of viewing our beautiful country to their entire satisfaction. All this is done to the requirements of each person’s schedule of travel. They not only appreciate our efficient and courteous service but also the Sri Lankan hospitality.

Our services include from picking you up from the Colombo International Airport and arranging suitable accommodation either in reputed chain of hotel, guesthouse, villa or a tea plantation bungalow. All this is done suit your travel budget.

We have in our service courteous and efficient staff, ever ready to serve you or your group. We extend our services by providing professional guides to accompany you in your travel [if you require only] and interpreters. We have with us Chauffer driven air-conditioned cars and vans with a national guide.

Our Mission

Working in close liaison with the Government & other travel trade organizations to protect & promote the interest of travel agents and tour operators & extending the fullest support & co-operation for the development of a healthy travel & tourism industry in Sri Lanka.


  • To foster the development of a healthy aviation, travel and tourism industry in Sri Lanka.
  • To work in close liaison with the Government and particularly with the Ceylon Tourist Board, the Directorate of Civil Aviation, Airport & Aviation Services Ltd, the National Carrier – Sri Lankan Airlines and all Airlines both on-line/off-line, Hoteliers, the Sri Lanka Convention Bureau and other allied organizations with the Aviation Travel & Tourism Industry for the achievement of the objective referred to above.
  • To take such steps as are deemed necessary to further and to protect the interests of Travel Agents and Tour Operators in Sri Lanka.
  • To lay down a code of conduct and ethics to enforce discipline among its members.
  • To maintain liaison with other sectors of Local and International Aviation, Travel & Tourism Trade and to affiliate with appropriate International Organizations.
  • To encourage a two-way movement of traffic between Sri Lanka and other countries.
  • To take all such steps as may be deemed necessary in pursuance of the objectives enumerated before.

The Island Sri Lanka lies in the South Asian Indian Ocean. The tropical island is known for its rich history and natural beauty and consists of a combination of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, captivating cultural heritage and unique experiences within such a compact location.

Our Vehicles

Toyota Hybrid Cars

Toyota Vans

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